Welcome to the Center for Preparatory Studies (CPS).  We are a component of Nazarbayev University with the unique mission of preparing students to be independent, autonomous learners so they will be successful in their chosen field of study.  We have a faculty of teachers dedicated to developing our students and helping them realize their potential.

CPS has two academic programs: (1) a foundation program (NUFYP) that prepares students for undergraduate studies and (2) a Zero Year Program for students who have been conditionally accepted into a graduate degree program at NU, but need to improve English skills before starting their research.

In NUFYP, we focus on English and mathematical skills while offering a variety of classes that will challenge and interest students as they practice critical thinking, learn study skills, develop academic values, and broaden their educational experience.

Our Zero Year Program is for conditionally accepted graduate students to ensure they have the English proficiency and academic study skills to be prepared for an NU graduate school. We offer a rigorous curriculum for the students to ensure they are ready to study and conduct research in their chosen field.

CPS offers great student support. This starts with our small class sizes, but in addition, we include numerous one-on- one sessions and further supplementary support for students through our Academic Learning Center and special tutoring sessions.  Classes focus on student-centered learning that gives all students the opportunity to develop their skills that will help them in the future.

CPS continues to strive for excellence in all we do by seeking ways to better prepare students for the next step in their lives.  I invite you to see how we can prepare you for the next step of your academic adventure.

Robert K. Doebler, Ph.D.
General Director, Center for Preparatory Studies