Personal Tutorials

Personal tutorials are one-to-one meetings with a teaching fellow who will guide and assist you in a variety of ways throughout your time in CPS.

The role of the personal tutor is extremely important in monitoring academic performance and a student’s general welfare. The personal tutor is the first point of contact for our students if they have any personal issues affecting their performance. These issues could be academic, financial, family-related, health-related, or any other type of problem.

What is a personal tutor’s role?

Personal tutors are in charge of monitoring students’ academic progress as well as their overall well-being. The personal tutor is a point of contact for each student when additional support is needed. The relationship with personal tutors develops both in the classroom and during weekly tutorials.

Why do I have a personal tutor?

Personal tutors play a crucial role in helping students to make the transition from high school to university. Advice from personal tutors can be a great help if you are experiencing any difficulties with academic study or life at university. If you experience academic problems your personal tutor will liaise with you and a Head of Discipline to decide the best possible solution.

Personal tutors & working one-to-one

You will meet your personal tutor each week to discuss your progress. These tutorials are part of your weekly timetable and attendance is compulsory. The length of your tutorial may vary slightly, depending on the student’s current workload or issues, but tutorials will last a minimum of 15 minutes. Your personal tutor will give feedback on specific questions you bring to the tutorial.



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