Experimental Sciences (Physics, Biology/Chemistry)

The Experimental Sciences courses provide an inspiring educational experience for young scholars. One of the key objectives is to develop individuals who are geared for excellence as independent goal-oriented scientists, and as members of scientific teams.

To achieve this, in Weeks 1-7, all students in NUFYP are taught the Science in Perspective course. The aims of this are: to give students choosing Humanities an improved understanding of what “science” means, and to challenge students choosing Science pathways to grasp a wider perspective of their subject and how science impacts society. These aims are achieved through classes with teachers from each of the science disciplines.

From Week 8 to year-end, students focus on exploring deeper levels of knowledge and competence in Biology/Chemistry or Physics. The courses are also designed in such a way that they align with topics explored in other NUFYP courses such as EAP, Humanities and Mathematics.

Students are progressively challenged to develop a deeper insight into their chosen Science fields. This is achieved through:

  • seminars
  • lectures
  • problem-solving sessions
  • laboratory practicals
  • support sessions

Why study Experimental Sciences courses in NUFYP?

A graduate from NUFYP is fully prepared for scientific study at NU as they can easily adapt to the academic undergraduate school environments. Graduates of NUFYP Experimental Sciences are:

  • open-minded explorers
  • critical analysers
  • accountable and responsible scientists