Who are NUFYP prospective students?

Nazarbayev University Foundation program attracts students from all regions of Kazakhstan and from beyond its borders. Our 2016 class included, for the first time, students from the Kyrgyz Republic and from Mongolia.


Required exams and scores:

  1. British Council English Placement Test BCEPT/APTIS
  2. Subject Entrance Tests* provided by Cambridge ATS in 3 combinations:
    • Mathematics + Physics
    • Mathematics + Biology & Chemistry
    • Mathematics + Problem Solving/Critical Thinking
  3. IELTS – minimum IELTS 6.0 average entry point

* For our Subject Entrance Test dates in your area, please see our Events page.


Why choose NUFYP?

The faculty in NUFYP are from all over the world with vast teaching experience and exceptional qualifications. Our graduates are of the highest calibre, and have the necessary skillset to pursue any undergraduate program at any institution in the world. Furthermore the school has the state of art infrastructure and equipment which are required to facilitate and smooth the teaching and learning processes. Our standards are high and so are the achievements of our students. As a result, the our graduate outcomes include:

  • —Learner independence
  • —Excellent attendance
  • —Good time management skills
  • —An engagement with their future discipline and potential career
  • —Fluency with English
  • —Good numerical skills
  • —Curiosity and willingness to try new approaches
  • —Ability to adapt to an academic environment


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