Safety First!

October 8, 2016

On Wednesday, October 5, 2016, the Center for Preparatory Studies held their first fire drill of the 2016-2017 year. The fire drill was smooth and coordinated with students leaving the teaching rooms quietly and safely. They were led by teachers and staff who receive special training. At the clearly-marked exit doors, trained fire marshals indicated in which direction the students should go, at the same time reminding them to move carefully and quickly. Across the road the students gathered in teaching groups and their teachers checked that everyone is present. When the ‘all clear’ was given students returned safely inside the university buildings.


Nazarbayev University conducts regular fire drills to practice safety procedures in case of the unlikely event of a fire emergency. In addition to emergency preparation, Nazarbayev University has considerable safety precautions. For instance, all internal spaces are equipped with regularly-checked smoke detectors and smoking is banned in all public spaces. These safety precautions make the chance of a real fire unlikely; however, a fire drill is an important regular exercise at the university just in case.